You did such a great job on that.  It was perfect for him.  Thanks again RoxC.

Janice @ Michael Hoag Fly Fishing

Fab…you Rock – Rox

Michael Dion
ITI Music Corporation

Working with Roxanne has been an absolute pleasure.  She reminds me of how baseball-great Derek Jeter is perceived in his profession – a Consummate Professional.  Roxanne is equally that as well.  Our organization selected Roxanne to be editor of our monthly publication (distributed to almost 1,000 homes ).  Her graphic design talents alone were an ideal fit, but she easily exceeded our expectations in the area of working for a large organization that requires everyones feedback.

Roxanne is easy to work with, never pushes back, but rather addresses any and all concerns promptly ( and happy to do it ).  There are those times when a decision-maker smiles and gladly accepts credit for hiring someone that turned out to be a home run, this is one of those times (imagine me smiling right now ) !

Mark Snellgrove
Original Carrollwood CRD President, CCA Past-President

Fabulous, thanks for being excellent at what you do.


Her work is first class and spectacular.  I am thrilled that we have her on our team!!!!

Tony De Rosa
Musical Director, Tampa Bay Heralds of Harmony and Toast of Tampa

You totally rock 🙂

Tina M. Costa, RN
Regional Sales Manager
Arcadia Home Care & Staffing

Thanks Rox.  Program looked fabulous.

Carol Singleton

Rox, I can’t believe I missed meeting you again.  I received so many compliments on the cover alone!  Many of the ladies liked the fact that they could see their faces and thought it was great.  Thank you for making us look so awesome.  Ruth

I have run out of words to describe your work — awesome, outstanding, perfect, just doesn’t seem to cut it.

Dave Roberts
President Emeritus, Heralds of Harmony

I know this may sound strange, but I am going to say it anyway. I don’t know if you ever get those moments where your mind gets quiet and for no good reason a thought comes into your head that feels really good. I know this makes no sense. Just know that it is an overwhelming good, peaceful, secure thought. Anyway, I get that now and then with you. In this case, just reading your reply to my email and you asking the question you did about the classified immediately gave me that feeling…I call it being “thankful”. After all, when I think about it, after all my years of being in this business, to actually have someone as good, as caring as conscientious about their work as you are is a God-sent. Seriously. I find that most people don’t care. I hope you don’t think I’m nuts. At any rate, I guess what I am trying to say is, you make my life easier. For that, I can’t thank you enough.

Thanks Rox.

Christopher Smoot – Editor
Marine Construction Magazine